In Charge of NO Thing, another small Peek for Peeps

It was a long day , It is 1992,I had just returned home from working as a sales executive with CFNB in Fredericton. I was tired but family came first so I pick up a few groceries on the way home to make dinner. When I arrived at our home in Star Lite village there is a car I do not recognize. Upon entering, Amanda was in the kitchen doing her homework, John was just coming through the door at the same time as I and Melanie and a friend were downstairs. I cannot remember his name right now, it does not matter. Immediately all my cells go cold, my back goes up, my brain crazy with dizziness. I go upstairs after the introductions to brush my teeth. Why brushing my teeth was important at that moment I do not care to remember but I said to John: "GET THAT YOUNG MAN OUT OF OUR HOUSE”. John’s response, "there you go again, acting crazy. Why do you do this, why don’t you give her a chance? Why do you always think the worst?" It’s a feeling I try to explain, I do not like how I feel . I remember looking around the bathroom, seeing the tub, the floor , the color of blue, everything seemed so much bigger, brighter. Maybe I am loosing my mind? Maybe I should calm down. John is right, I am making a big deal out of no thing. I make supper, we all sit together, he told us his story, living in Saint John, a good job, how he and Melanie met. Great, end of evening, he is leaving. I am relieved. Within a month Melanie is moved in with him . He has moved back to Fredericton. I am offended, she is only in her late teens but continues to tell me that in NB she is considered an adult. So I settled into acceptance. Loving her, that is all that is important, I accept her , not her decision. It is three months later, 2:00am. The phone rings, John answers, the phone is next to him this night, it is a police officer from St. J ohn, NB. . He says,"Yes, hum hum, yes, we will be there in an hour , is she OK? . He hangs up. I am hanging onto my breath. What now? Fudge.... John tells me, "That guy you don't like, he beat the living out of her.. "She is in the hospital. you did not like him, , how could I have not heard" , he asked me." Jesus John", is my reply," cant you feel things?" She is pressing charges. She has the strenght of