Yvette and the Trinity Table

Her name is Yvette, She is the cutest fairy I have ever had the privilege to meet. She is here to take a ride on the Trinity Table. It is Feb 2001. I have just purchased this healing devise for $33.000.00 Canadian dollars. At first when I heard about this healing tool,I was smitten but it actually took me four years to bring it to Canada. Jim Harmon from Bauman Texas had developed it . I went to meet him , find out if I could handle the energy and he then proceeds to make one for us. I am the first and only one in Canada, Jim has since passed as of 2012 so I will continue to be the only one who carries his and Connie's energy. (Connie, his wife)Yvette is on the table and I see a small girl entering the room. She has flowers for her mother. Darn, I tell myself this woman has lost a child. I do not believe what I am seeing. We end the session an hour later Before Yvette leaves I give her the reading and then I ask. Now please understand, when I ask this question , I am either a fraud or the real deal. Both scare the shite of me. “Yvette, did you loose a child , a girl of about nine yrs? She stops in the doorway and crumbles before me. “that is why I am here, I need to know she is OK”. Yes , I reply ,she has flowers for you.” Of course she would, replies Yvette, it is my birthday tomorrow. . Oh dear, I say to myself,this is real, I need training for this.. Not just the training that the The Trinity Center, Mary , and Jim Harmon can give me but I need to train as a Medium with Doreen Virtue. Come March, I trek to Laguna Beach California. I become certificated,. What does that mean? Well t,o begin with , it Like