What a tumultuous mess we are in. Yes, you, me, our world. Most of us on this planet (our home) are confused, muddled, puzzled, mystified, unruly, anarchic, disorderly, and for some, lawless. Where in the name of all that is holy is the heart and soul of who we are as a species? We have been gifted with life on a blue planet that spins and gives us existence and still we are not satisfied or content. We quest for more. More money, more power, more control, more influence, more junk in our trunks, more stuff. We are a mess and have helped make an abyss of darkness on this heaven on earth—our Earth. There is only one Earth and because we have helped destroy it, tree by tree, city by city, person by person we are now looking at how we can find a home on Mars. What the hell? Why not find the tools to clean up this home? First ourselves, then our environment and the kingdom of all the animals. Let us serve and assist one another. Gather and learn a new perspective of empowering one another and discover lifelong skills to grow, flourish and expand. We are in a dark night and it’s time to shine some light. This is a time to feel the “awe of the raw,” not with fear but with hope. What is the awe of the raw? It’s the pain and discomfort that we are in which leaves us in so much anguish that we finally wake up and say, “I’m alive.” Now, let us stop resisting and start assisting. Be aware but never afraid. A dark night can take us down and we need assistance so let’s get with it and get real, for ourselves, one another and for future generations. How do we do that? There are many systems, tools, traditions, structures and methods.

You are reading this book because I have found one that works. It has taken me a lifetime and a journey halfway around the globe to find. But find it I did and it is holy, whole, delightful and heavenly. Come, let’s go together into the heart of Bali. I wrote this book for two reasons. First , I wanted to tell you how I discovered Bali and the absorbing lessons I encountered when traveling with others on their own spiritual quest. You will come to believe in angels, synchronicities and hope. Second, I wanted to share with you how the Balinese culture teaches us to live in light and shadow so we are in harmony with the in-between worlds. You will learn how Agung Prana helped his community of Pemuteran in north Bali and why he has won 32 awards worldwide—awards such as CNN Hero’s, National Geographic and others. You will also meet Mangku Made Subur, a mystic and shaman who is healing cancer. You will also meet other mystics we have encountered along the road of empowerment. Bali is indeed an island of mystery and mysticism. Are you ready? Let us go together.