Its been said we humans are creatures of habit.


What if we create NEW habits?


Wake up and consciously put a smile on our face.

Play It Forward at least once a day. (Pay for someone’s coffee, allow someone to pass you without anger, Give with no expectation in return)

See and feel chaos as a vessel for change instead of pushing it away in fear.

When an emotional trigger arises, instead of reaching for something to eat, focus on your breathe , take time to relax and reach for a glass of water.

Instead of popping a pill for pain, find a natural alternative. Peppermint rubbed on temples for headache works wonders.

If you are watching too much TV. Pull out a good book and read a story instead of letting it unfold on a screen.

Swearing too much?  Try singing. ( this is a tough one for me ,lol)

Are you drinking too much coffee? Have your one cuppa in the morning and try Chai Tea for the remainder of the day.

When a feeling of despair rises, instead of giving in to this feeing, Go into prayer or meditation. It will shift your brain waves.

“ Just for today, Let the Spirit of New habits have you”

Another way to “Power Up Your Life”.






True & False Guidance
How to Know the Difference Between True and False Guidance 

Don't Worry Be Happy 
It's a simple philosophy, but one that can have vast repercussions. . 

Hierarchy of Heaven
The Hierarchy of Heaven is defined by the degree of love and awareness within each realm. Just as we evolve spiritually on the earth plane, so angels also evolve from one level to another, expanding their consciousness and love. 

A-EI-I-O, Angelic Sounds of Divine Love
The angels of divine love use many sounds to heal. Here, we will use four key sounds that contain healing vibrations. 

Oct 4th is the feast of St Francis of Assisi / The Canticles of the Creatures
With all the healing we are giving ourselves and sending out to the planet, my prayer is you enjoy his words written so long ago but still have meaning in our lives today. As with everything that is being sent your way, TAKE WHAT YOU NEED AND LEAVE THE REST. Go Forth this day and praise your own life. With love and a wee bit of magical dust, Lilly.