Lilly's vast knowledge, experience and accreditations include:

Certified Sacred Contract Counselor
Certified Medium
Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP) and Medium
Trinity Table Facilitator
Reiki Master
Author of "Lilly White Lies & Dreams”
Spiritual Coach

She also visits Bali yearly and takes those interested to come along for the spiritual journey. Lilly’s daily ritual is “Just for Today “ Let Spirit Have You” so in July of 2010 it became clear Spirit had other plans for Whitelight Retreat and this 1890 heritage home was sold to make room for Lilly’s next adventure. In April of 2011 she opened Whitelight and The White Lilly a retail/service business at 14 Mill St, Heritage Court, Almonte.

In March of 2014 , the White Lilly was closed. In the three yrs of success of selling Goddess on the Go, Bali Eco Friendly, easy to wear, easy to care fashions, it was clear that it was time to take the company on the road so that she and her husband John of forty years could travel. In those three years of operating the White Lilly, there were many tragedies. Death of their daughter Melanie of 37 yrs in May of 2012. That same week, Lilly's mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer and transitioned in Oct of 2013. In between those dates her father had a stroke. It became clear that being confined in a store location was not what spirit wanted.

Lilly is the only representive of Goddess on the Go clothing in North America so there will be many days of travelling for her and John, a passion of theirs.

Lilly has the first in Canada Trinity Table, a simple concept which utilizes passive motion, providing a gentle rocking and slow rotation. These movements have been proven scientifically to aid in deepening relaxation enabling a person to attain Alpha, Theta and even Delta states of relaxation.

Lilly also operates Whitelight. Whitelight is the only facility in Canada that houses The Trinity Table. There are presently 27 in the world. This device will help you relax as you spin counter clock-wise in a relaxed atmosphere of soft lights, eyes covered and music in background. It is under this trance that you enter your alpha state and it is where true healing occurs. You will experience a deep level of meditation not found in our traditional culture.

At Whitelight she also hosts monthly Archetype workshops and Angel readings.
Lilly is also the creator of the Monthly “Breakfast with Soul” and the bi-annual “POWER UP YOUR LIFE” conference.
She is currently finishing up three books, "365 Ways to Power Up Your Life", "Power Up your Life, an autobiography in Rhyme" and "Bali Coffee, Cloves Cigarettes and Fairy Lilly".

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