Peeks for peeps “into the Heart of Bali”

Fear (Fairy Energy Always Running)


In October I decided I was going to Bali for three months. I mentioned this to my friend Lynn and we took a look at her astrology chart. It looked like she was coming with me.

I had decided I do not want to spend Christmas at home as much as I love my family. I needed to integrate more healing. I was still carry Melanie around in me and gaining weight very quickly. This weight was not comfortable to carry.

My family, John and Amanda, were very understanding. I had just closed the store the White Lilly in March and it was another loss of greater proportions than I had anticipated.

In my planning I started Christmas shopping early and decided to give our two grandchildren the twelve days of Christmas. So before I left, I prepared many gifts which were small, fun, funny and wrapped with glee.

Lynn and I arrived in Denpasar on 29 November, Melanie’s birthday. Less pain for me to feel as I was so excited to see my Balinese family once again. Lynn was wonderful to travel with. She had her plans to stay with her Balinese family, Dewi and Mangku Made Subur. Upon arrival we decided to spend a few days withAgung Prana and his family. We went to temple, received our blessings and knew this trip was about healing. I decided to spend some time with Ibu Janet at her complex. She had offered her small fairy house for me to stay. Alas she too was in healing and upon my arrival she was in hospital. I settled in and loved the silence. The silence there seeped into my soul and the sacredness was refined and gentle; I was open to receive. The silence was literally a song to the heart. I called my friend Hai Dai and we agreed to meet for a late dinner. When we finished I purchased a large bottle of turmeric in liquid form to drink. We left to return to Janet’s. It was11:00 pm and all was dark as we made our way to my fairy house. When we entered the driveway it was dark. The gate was closed and there were no lights. The guard must have been resting as it was late after all. I asked Hai Dai if he would like to see my wee accommodations.

He agreed—thank heavens!— for what happened next is still a mystery. I openedmy passenger door and I fell into a five-to-six-foot hole. I had no thought, “I am falling,” I simply dropped. I was stunned.

I heard in the distance, “Ibu Lilly, where are you?”

“Down here,” I replied and began to giggle.

I heard a tussle from afar, “What has happened?”

I was still in shock and still giggling. Hai Dai hung onto a tree so he did not fall and reached down as far as he could. He told me to reach up my arms. I did and he grabbed both arms and pulled me up. By the grace of God he was a strong man!

When I was finally back on flat soil, I saw he was also in shock. We got to the gate and made our way into the complex from the side. The guard came running when he saw blood everywhere. I was unaware but the look on the men’s faces was not comforting. I was still in shock. We managed to unlock the door to my place and I literally stripped in front of them when I saw so much blood. I did not know 

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