Power Up your Life in Blissful Bali 

And follow your destiny . I have followed my Dreams &  began to understand the difference between Fate vs Destiny  and made this  balance a part of my every day reality. One of the tools I use to power up my life is to embrace the light and the shadow of who we are. I believe that Bali is the only place on this planet that lives this daily .. A commitment was made between myself and spirit on my first visit to Bali in 2003 .I was  to bring people from other parts of the world to experience this Blissful Island.  When we do the work by taking the risk, spirit leads us to our highest potential.  Travelling is the best form of education . We integrate ourselves into a different culture and emerge shifted, changed, awake with  an inner knowing. The Holy Grail , Know thyself. 
One of the many ways to "Power up your Life"

Bali will show you how there is no separation , we are all connected, the air you breathe today , someone in Bali or China , or elsewhere, breathes it tomorrow.
Come to this Sacred Island and find out for yourself

Nov  4th- 18th,  2017 . Lilly will welcome you home to Bali with  Andrew Harvey.  

Andrew Harvey is an author, religious scholar and teacher of mystic traditions, known primarily for his popular nonfiction books on spiritual or mystical themes, beginning with his 1983 A Journey in Ladakh. Wikipedia

Born: 1952, Coimbatore, India

EducationUniversity of Oxford

NominationsLambda Literary Award for Spirituality/Religion

Accommodation & Rates

November 4th - November 18th, 2017

Price : $3500.00  US DOLLARS.    CALL : 613-292-3292

This does not include airfare. My experience has been that most travellers have air miles. Lilly flies with Korean airlines as she find they are the best in service and least expensive to Denpasar Bali from Chicago or Toronto or Vancouver.  Space is limited to 18

People say...

Dear Lilly and John
Sometimes when you write a love letter it should be between two people, but not this time. We want to shout it to the world how much we love you. Your generous Spirit in bringing and sharing Bali with us has been the most amazing adventure. We want others to know that they too can have this opportunity with you. The places we have visited, the extraordinary people we have met and the experiences and insight we have been shown will last a lifetime. There are no words to capture this journey. The photos will remind us of the special times, but the imprint on our heart can only be felt by those who have travelled with us.
I want my friends and family to know that they too can have this trip of a lifetime.just check out Lilly White ....Power up Your Life..
So from the bottom of our soul..thank you, thank you, thank you.
Jan and Blake

Payment Option


This package includes pickup and delivery to and from airport
All group transportation.
Rooms are double occupancy. Add an extra $350 for single room

All breakfast and Some meals included. (On own) means you pay for your lunch and/or dinner. Most lunches are approximately $10.00 US

For full booking terms and conditions please click here.


It is imperative for you to purchase travel and cancellation insurance. This trip has been set out to afford you the most in terms of opportunity to experience all that Bali has to offer. 

I want my friends and family to know that they too can have this trip of a lifetime
— Jan and Blake