Oct 17th - Nov 6th 2018 

21 days at "Centre of Hope ,School of Mysticism"  Bali 

Ramila Padiachy,DNM

Doctorate of Natural Medicine

Have you been struggling with your weight? Are you feeling heavy in your mind, body & spirit?

This is the trip of a lifetime, your life line to health. Lilly White is teaming up with Ramila Padiachy Doctorate of Natural Medicine (DNM)® founder and owner of Ramila’s Healing Arts Clinic in Ottawa. Ramila is internationally recognized as an accomplished healer, Doctor of Natural Medicine® and public speaker. For over 21 years, Ramila has been helping people across the globe rediscover their health and find relief by addressing the root causes of “untreatable” symptoms. She has travelled extensively throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and South Africa educating people on the importance of proper nutrition and health and lecturing on “Nutrition and Supplementation in the 21st Century.” Ramila has appeared several times on CTV Ottawa Live.

Ramila is a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association.

A Certified Iridologist, Certified Reflexologist and Holistic Allergist, Ramila also holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy from The University of Westbrook in New Mexico, USA. In addition to her extensive specialized training in alternative medicine, Ramila studied Chemistry at the University of South Africa.


$4000 US Payment in Full
Weightless in Bali

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Installment Payments:
$1000 US Deposit*(Non-refundable)
                 due July 15th 2018
$1000 US (x3)
                   August, Sept and Oct

Payment Schedule/Installments

Are you interested in losing weight, both from your body and your heavy thoughts. Are you continuing to Sabotage yourself?
Weightless in Bali 2018 is the trip for you. 

Your journey includes: rooms, excursions, tips, most dinners, lunches, one massage or pedicure or manicure, transportation, ceremonies, temple tours.  Para Pak for parasites. Included in your package is a one hour phone consultation with Dr Ramilla. This consultation is scheduled one month before departure.  Once you sign up with your first deposit , we will contact you regarding your appointment Dr Ramilla. She will then schedule an appointment with you on the phone.  During her conversation with you, she will check the imbalance in your body and this will allow you to start your pre-cleanse. 

You will also receive a two hour consultation with Lilly regarding your Fate vs your Destiny. A two hour phone consultation before departure.

BOOK BONUS (x2): you will receive :  

Dr. Ramila’s 'The Belly of the Beast'
How to calm your gut and reclaim your health.

Lilly's Book, '365 Ways to Power Up Your Life
Tools for intuitive living

365 Ways to Power Up Yoru Life blue ocean.jpg


NOTE: Cost does not include airfare.  

Price $4000.00 US Dollars. Deposit is 1000 US non-refundable due July 15th,2018

Remaining payments:

August 15th, 1000 US

Sept 15th, 1000 US

Oct 1st 1000 US

I have been travelling yearly to Bali since 2003 and I fly exclusively via Korean Air. They are clean, the food is good, the plane is comfortable. The route is Ottawa, Toronto, Seoul, Denpasar, Bali. It is a full 21 hours before we land. When will you be able to find time to enjoy rest, receive food service and watch movies for a day? Let Go, Let Flow. 

Please remember we are in Bali, an island where the unseen speaks to us. You will have many extraordinary experiences and one of them is to let go and allow yourself to go "Into The Heart of Bali" on Bali timeSome of our itinerary is subject to change when we are in the flow of the moment.

Please book your flight with Korean Air to leave Oct 15th in your location for you to arrive in Denpasar ,Bali for 00:10 am on the 17th of Oct. Bali is 13 hours ahead of Toronto Time.  If you are travelling somewhere other than Canada, book your flight for us to meet in Seoul and take the 6:00 pm flight #KE629 on the 16th to arrive  00:10 am on the 17th.